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February 7, 2015 by
How much do you really know about history's most famous ship?
1. Who owned the TITANIC?
2. What was EJ Smith's middle name?
3. How many lifeboats were aboard TITANIC?
4. TITANIC'S home port
5. TITANIC'S sister ships
6. Did the TITANIC have a swimming pool?
7. How many people died on TITANIC?
8. TITANIC's passengers were divided up into how many classes?
9. Where was TITANIC built?
10. How long was TITANIC?
Brenda Smith
apparently not very much... 30%
Carolyn Ryerson
Me too; & I watched the movie 3 times. How bad would I have scored without the movie?
Ginger B
Only 70%
Steve Samuelson
I am a history nut, so I don't mean to ruin your post Steve, but I know the Titanic never sunk. It was actually the Olympic. Fascinating story. Google it and find out what really happened to JP Morgans investment.
Steve Valentine
That's an UNTRUE urban legend Steve. Olympic was smaller than Titanic and the yard number for the Titanic at Harland and Wolff was stamped on each propeller (on Titanic). And, if you notice, Olympic's A Deck promenade was open forward. On Titanic, it was enclosed.
Finally, if you've seen the picture...
Steve Valentine
And, I believe undersea explorers have seen TITANIC'S yard number on the propellers on the wreck.
john neshiem
Apparently I didn't learn much from the movie...
An Angry Hamster
And here I thought the Enterprise was the most famous ship
todd marsh
30 must have been sleeping in class that
Lisa Owen
Dang, and I thought I was doing good lol
John Gabert
It's too bad we didn't have global warming back then. Perhaps there wouldn't have been an iceberg.
Carolyn Ryerson
No global warming now either.
Mark Kaehr
I only got one question right. The Titanic was 1500 feet. I'll give one example of one question I got wrong because I think it is a great example. The question was, "Did the Titanic have a swimming pool?" I answered no because this was the early 20th century like the 1910's. Back in those days I...
Mary Seppelin
I hate that I did so bad on this because I am fascinated by this ship.
Colleen Sellers
90%, I thought the home port was Southampton, England, being that is where the Titanic set sail from.
Anita Timmons
OK...50% It WAS a little before my time. I actually read a dirty story that said the White Star Line had an accident with the Lusitania a year before, switched ships, because they couldn't collect insurance on the first accident! So the ship that was painted over as the Titanic, was actually the Lus...
Becky Kaplan
60% for me. Had my 6 year old grandson taken this he would have scored 100%. He LOVES anything Titanic
Mr. White III%
I went to the Titanic museum in Branson. The artifacts were fascinating.