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Americans Don't Know WHY We Celebrate the 4th of July or WHAT COUNTRY We Declared Independence From!

Mark Dice talks with California beach goers about the 4th of July and finds that many Americans simp...
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Laurette Murphy
Our countries biggest disgrace! The proof is in the pudding....we have been dumbed down!!
Bryan Nations
This really makes me sad
Wren Reston
This is because the government schools are spending too much teaching kids about social issues.
Jarl Falk
The left in-general is dumbing down our schools in order to placate to the lazy.

It's not entirely their faults though. The bad home-lives Democrats have encouraged in order to keep people loyal to the Democrats contributes to the demotivation of children to learn, which creates the necessity of dum...
Lef Elliot
I stopped it at 1,33 because I simply cant believe this is real. Mark Dice must have chosen the people who had no clue and they are NOT a reflection of the average reality. I mean ... come on .. "1976" and no one reacts ? China and no one doubts ? No, I simply cannot believe this is the real world ...
Jean Bailey is online.
It's California. No surprises here. Half of them probably think the moon is green cheese.
Roger Bickel
The holiday is not the 4th of July. That is a date. The holiday is Independence Day.
Jarl Falk
At least that older woman who's parents were from Mexico, she expressed gladness that we declared independence from Mexico.

She may have been wrong about that part of history, but at least she was positive about it.
Larry New is online.
What's sad is that most on this site don't even know the date the Declaration of Independence was signed.It wasn't July 4th,1776.That is the date it was declared.It was actually signed by the Continental Congress August 2nd,1776 which is actually our Independence Day.
Steve Riley
Its in kookifornia-what do you expect??
Siras Tango
Public edjumikayshun at its finest!

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