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Pelosi: 'It's Stunning to Me How the Republicans Have Tried to Politicize' Border Crisis

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., reaffirmed her support for President Barack Obama's em...
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Mr. White III% is online.
It's stunning to me what a tool she is for Obama.
Joel James
Not a very sharp tool when it comes right down to it in my opinion.
Gary Marchinke
Mr. White III% is online.
I think she's doing exactly what the administration wants her to do, and doing it perfectly. Distraction. Making us think Democrats are stupid and lull us into a sense of superiority while they loot the United States.
ivy tx
It's STUNNING to me that she is such a colossal idiot! A TOTAL waste of oxygen!
Lorilee Cuvillier is online.
It's stunning how so many stupid people keep voting for her.
Jean Bailey is online.
Comments from someone who is so obviously ignorant of the topic, are not worth commentary.
robert cel
one more facelift and she'll have a goatee !
Tim Selaty Sr.
Why is it that every time Nancy Pelosi speaks, it sounds like she's heavily medicated? And if she's so concerned about the 'poor children', why hasn't she visited the border herself? Maybe she's afraid she might catch something? Don't worry can't catch intelligence.
Mr. White III% is online.
I bet she hasn't donated one dime to help them either.
Joel James
More than likely will swing some real estate deals of federal land to turn into housing for the illegals. We'll pay for it and her husband will make the money off it.
Lone Ranger
Hey Tim, It's the facelifts. They pulled so much skin back that she's having trouble moving her tongue and mouth.
Joel James
There are several of these demoncrats that seem medicated with they speak. It's my opinion they are medicated...doped up on something.
Glenn Bagrowski
"money, money, money.. give us money".. they created this for, what reason, I don't know, but I do know they want more money, more power.
Joel James
It will be another 4 billion dollars they control that is out of the hands of the legal citizens for upgrading infrastructure and/or give congress cause to tax us even more reducing what we have in the private sector. Economically government is guns and the private sector are butter.
Lori Morgan
Stunning! Just stunning!
rhett sease
They are just DOPES, Joel
James McLaughlin
Evil, stupid and insane, is a dangerous combination.
Peter Rose
It's stunning to me that we allow these idiots to represent us in public office!
Lone Ranger
Yea, she exemplifies her district well.
Joel James
I've often wondered if they couldn't have Dingy Harry, Nutty Nancy, the Lee woman from Houston, and a bunch of others that make statements that just are completely out there take psychological evaluations.
Roger LeBlanc (White)
The woman is a TOTAL mental wreck.

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