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Citizens for Trump endorses Judge Roy Moore for U.S.

Citizens for Trump National Spokesperson, Jan Morgan's live endorsement of Judge Roy Moore for U.S. ...
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Keith Jennings
But Trump doesn't. You can't even make this shit up!
Dave S
You really must have lead a sheltered, isolated life, Jennings.
American Nationalist
You attempt to chastise people for being "Blind Followers" then ridicule them when they "Break Ranks".

Not quite sure if you aren't so bassakwards that you're not sure whether to wind your ass or scratch your watch.
Steve Johnson
And maybe you could try reading with comprehension for a change.
American Nationalist
Pattern Recognition
Keith Jennings
Exactly. Ignoring the obvious recognition on your part!
Keith Jennings
No joke. Thanks, Steve!
Dan Olschefski
Moore is a better choice than Strange.
Keith Jennings
That's an understatement!
Keith Jennings
A pretty good endorsement of Moore, but when your name is Citizens for Trump why wouldn't you just not say anything when Trump doesn't endorse the same person? He endorses the opponent!
Walter Holm
It might mean there is hope...
Phil Chimera is online.
I think all these rinos need a good dose of humility and that includes trump! Just keep praying that the good people of Alabama see the truth and elect the better man!
Michelle bhot Choguis
Judge Roy Moore is pretty much a hero here in Alabama. I think it's gonna be a landslide for him here on Tuesday. He is a proven man of principle and morality and has stood up time and time again against government overreach and fought for our Constitution....
Tim Selaty Sr.
Because we're not sheep. We started Citizens for Trump to elect the #AmericaFirst Ideology. If the President, does something or supports someone outside that ideology, we're here to hold feet to the fire.
Keith Jennings
Then maybe you should have named it #Citizens for an American First Ideology. Having 'for Trump' when your position is against Trump, just doesn't work, Tim. How about "Citizens for People Who Put America First in All Elections Except the Person We Supported in the Presidential One"? A little wordy,...
Keith Jennings
Matching Trump style banners at the Strange rally. One says "Stand with Trump" and the other "Vote for Luther". What a tangled web!
Keith Jennings
Gorka was on Brett Baier trying to spin it too. Brett asked him "You are separating the President from the President's agenda. How is that in the same sentence, isn't the President in charge of his agenda?" Exactly. Gorka is totally deluded!

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