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DeSantis: 'No Way' Snipes Was Going to Preside Over Another Election

Florida Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis appeared on "Fox & Friends" to react to reports that Brenda Snipes, ...
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Adam Ray - Troll Blocker
We should have some kind of affirmative action in our voting system, like every voted place should be an even number of Democrats and Republicans stafing it, and like at the stock market they have to wear a colored vest so you know who they are. But we know the Democrats would never go for it and th...
Louis (MAGA) C
What I suggest is this....
1-Eliminate mail in voting.Get your as$ to the polls with a US PHOTO ID and VOTER REGISTRATION.The only exceptions should be for a medical reason which should be applied for and approved long before the election.Also for military stationed overseas.
2- All polling stations s...
Adam Ray - Troll Blocker
What about our servicemen on ships and subs and off country bases, who IMO their VOTE should be the first to be counted before anyone else's.
Louis (MAGA) C
Absolutely.As I said, our military stationed away.